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Their work as a designer explores new forms of intimacy that go beyond human experience and timescale. There where data of an object is separated from the object itself, and the Self within itself is critically questioned. The well-known 'glitch' within the behavior of smart technology is being reconsidered and used as a means of communication.

Using creative technology and material implementation in an innovative yet unexpected way is a key aspect of her work.

She delves into the complexities of (non-)human behavior, psychology, social issues, as well as the digital and the esoteric. Their work gives space to diverse forms of consciousness, which challenge conventional norms and embraces the possibilities of unconventional design. 

Considering their deep connection and affinity with non-human life, they find it interesting to compare their personal experiences with those of an inanimate object; she places herself in a vulnerable position next to the other.

Patricia also writes for Veiled Musings; an experimental way for them to publsih insights into their design work. Next to working as an editor at Tijdschrift Kunstlicht.

Consent Pods2022
Collaborator: Laura A Dima
This Art Fair Amsterdam 2022

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The Consent Pods is an interactive artwork consisting of a pair of hand-held sculptures designed to engender reflection on the entwined notions of touch and consent. The piece requires two participants, establishing simultaneous co-operation and the mediation of contact through a device, offering the possibility of a playfulness that bypasses cultural taboos.

The programming of the first prototype is done by Patricia, using Arduino, touch sensors, heating elements and haptic speakers.